Monday, May 16, 2011

Chicken In Raisin Wine

Talking about wine..I love all kinds of wine, white wine, chinese rice wine and even raisin wine...yea wine made from yellow raisin !  My colleague Mrs N gave me a 2 litres jar of home brewed raisin wine :)  haha I can drink it neat if I want to, it is sweet and the taste is lovely.  She brewed them herself and I am the lucky one to receive a jar from her. It goes well for this chicken dish .  I am going to learn from her how to make the raisin wine :p

Brewing wine can be as simple or complex as you wish to make it.  Wine is brewed by just adding 3 important ingredients to the fruit or flower -  namely yeast, sugar and flavor of your choice. Mrs. N told me to try brewing my own raisin wine but I still haven't got the guts to try it out myself.  But since I like her version much better, I think it is time for me to learn how to brew some for myself instead of depending on her to give me a jar each time she brews them :p Though I wish to get a jar from her each time she brews them :))

Instead of using chinese rice wine for this chicken recipe, I used Mrs. N 's raisin wine. I pour one cup of raisin wine into the chicken dish only when it is ready for serving.   This is a common chicken dish ,cooked with wood ear fungus and lots of ginger shreds. I like the ginger shreds to be fine and saute in sesame oil and grapeseed oil till fragrant, add in the wood ear fungus and the cut chicken pieces ( marinate with cornflour and light soy sauce ) and stir fry till 3/4 cooked. Add in one cup of water and simmer till the chicken pieces are thoroughly cooked through. Before serving pour in the raisin wine and add sea salt to taste and dish up and serve hot with either rice or vermicelli ( mee suah ) . Easy ?  Simple and taste good. This reminded me so much of my confinement period 23 years ago :))))

Enjoy and have a great Monday....

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  1. more rice please, my favourite too! YUM!

  2. Hey, you learn from Mrs N, blog it, I want to learn how to brew it too. I like this type of wine, be in rice or raisin. Great with mee sua!

  3. Ummmm...I think I'll pass. Don't think that's my "cup of tea".

  4. I always like this dish and my mom cook it for us so often. I tried making the rice wine many years ago but I heard about raisin wine and very keen to learn it. Hope you can teach us how to do it soon :)

  5. Oh Elin! Please get the recipe from your friend and show us how to make raisin wine. I want to learn too!

  6. does raisin wine taste very sweet? does this dish taste very different compared to the chinese wine we use or DOM?

  7. yUM yUM yUMMY! I love this, and you are tempting me to cook it immediately! Somehow I prefer to cook with chinese rice wine...heehee!

  8. Raisin wine? Is it sweet? Would like to know more!

  9. Sonia....yea more rice with this delicious wine chicken :) never try you will never know how good this is :p

    Cheah , Gertrude, Anncoo ...yess I will definitely share the recipe here. Stay tuned :)

    Lena...slightly sweetish and have the yellow raisin taste , have a strong alcoholic level . Different from DOM which has a strong and bitter taste, this fruit wine is very light and easy on us. I love it and I am sure you will like it.

    Reese....this is something different from the rice wine. This is a fruit wine and it has a wonderful taste :)

    Ann....yea stay tuned for the recipe. It is a fruit wine and has a sweetish taste.

  10. Waaah! Reminds me of what my mum cooked for me when I just had Minh! She cooked it in chinese rice wine she made herslef. It was red and sweeet! She did put a lot in and I think I was getting a little hot and dizzy afterwards!
    I still have 2 large jars of the rice wine left! (Yuk!) I do not know how to appreciate these things....

    (oh dear! why is my word verification "awfulsin" - I said bad things about mum's rice wine - I should appreciate my mum's hard work more.....)