Thursday, May 27, 2010

Oregano & Calamansi From The Garden

I have been busy with too many things in my life lately that I have neglected my plants ...oOh..I feel so guilty for gardening has been my No1 hobby before blogging took over :(  Yesterday I took a look at my plants and  I found that most of my potted plants are dehydrated due to the hot weather the last few months and the leaves are drying and turning brown..Ooh so sinful of me to have neglected them....but I found some plants are blooming well...haha so I felt much better. The oregano plant which I bought some time back, hidden among my athriums aka 'naughty boy' plant , was growing well and my calamansi plant was full of fruits and waiting to be harvested :)) .  I discovered that the garden snails have eaten up my italian parsley and my rosemary has dried up totally....oohhh for I have not been cooking with parsley the last one month !!!! sobz sobz :(

Gertrude of My Kitchen Snippets gave me many packets of herb plants seeds like lemon basil, italian parsley, chives, oregano, dill and many more when she came back last CNY and I have yet to find the time to plant them. Thanks Gert for those packets of seeds  :) I will sow the seeds when I  re organize the garden after Jo flies off...I will have more time then :p

These are the packets of seeds she brought back for me ( dun be jealous okay...I am her good friend )when she came back the last CNY :)  I can't wait to plant the salad lettuce..she told me it is easy to plant them , so I will definitely plant those first :) then I can have salad for dinner everyday. I am so blessed to have a friend like her...always giving me tips now and then though she lives so far away from me..the other part of the world when she is sleeping and I am awake :)) She is generous and kind and I have known her for more than 2 years and have met her twice in is indeed a blessing for me for she has shared many of her wonderful recipes on her blog ... my mentor and friend!

these are precious gift I treasure most....

salad lettuce ...a mixture

my calamansi plant is in full blooms and yesterday I picked them and
not knowing what to do with them...should I pickled them the nyonya style ?
any suggestions ?

some have become over riped and dropped .....

calamansi  in bountiful .......

I made juice with some of them ..the over ripe refreshing
for  hot weather like now - really  quench thrist....

it's a joy to see the harvest of one's labor * wink
( of course I did not do anything much...God waters the plant for me)
^    ^

Will let you know what I did to the rest of the calamansi in my next post....

Have a great day...take a minute of your busy schedule
and sniff in the fragrance of your spring  flowers in your garden.
For me it is summer all year round :)))

*       *       *


  1. Have I mentioned that I am hopeless in gardening? I wish I could understand it a I could have plenty of herbs ready...I am so jealous whenever I see you using so many sprigs of rosemary in cooking.

  2. I tried to plant rosemary before I believed at least twice, but they all dried up on me. I have a black thumb. I am jealous of your calamansi plant they're gorgeous. I remember back in the Philippines we used them for marinating meats, fish, and they're are lovely when you add the juice in cooked noodles. Lovely post. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Wow so nice !! Don't know where to find some of the seeds here ...

  4. Angie...:) I am also not good in gardening...just that I love greens and flowers, so have to force myself to grow them in pots..especially herbs.

    Kathy...haha not really a garden...all flowers and herbs plants are grown in pots . I called them my garden :p

    Madin....It is hard to grow rosemary...too much water it will die and too much sunlight will also kills it :( but I will not give up. Calamansi is easier to plant and it doesn't really need much attention except prune it more often.

    Swee San...I know you are looking for rosemary plant :) hard to find the seeds over here in Malaysia :) hey check your email :) I have a question to ask you :)

  5. I love gardening! The tree looks so beautiful with all that fruit... there is no greater satisfaction than growing your own food and seeing prosper!

  6. Elin, looking foward to see all your herb plants. Herbs need a lot of sunlight, well drainaige area and lots of water. I too just started planting all my herbs and they are growing very well. I wish I can get calamansi here. You can make calamansi drink with some asam boi :)

  7. Your garden looks lovely, especially the calamansi. I've never tried them before - is it similar to a lime? I think this might be the same plant my sister-in-law has been searching for, but they are very difficult to find in the US.

  8. I'll have to look up what a calamansi plant is...looks like it has beautiful fruit. Your oregano looks healthy and happy!

  9. What a lovely garden! I always buy back pots of herbs from the grocer but they just die after a week or so =(

  10. Ha, ha, gardening was also my hobby before I started blogging .... now my pearl grass has so many types of invasion, must reschedule my time table and spend some time weeding out the 'thugs'!

  11. Mallika ( The housewife ) ... HI, thanks for dropping by. Yup, I am now growing herbs and small fruit plants like calamansi and lemon :) hopefully I will be able to harvest them for my kitchen :p

    Gertrude...thanks so much for the seeds. Will see to them soon. Keeping my fingers crossed as this will be my first time planting them from seeds :) Haha...yesss I made calamansi with 'asam boi' and it was really refreshing on hot day like this :)

    Judy... I have a small patch, a side garden whereby I planted all my herbs in pots. I called them ' my garden' :p Calamansi are smaller in size ( slightly bigger than moth balls ) and have thin skin. Taste better than lime , not so tangy and sharp like the lime.

    Cristina...thanks...the oregano looks healthy coz I placed them amongst my athrium plants...a very comfortable place for the oregano :)

    Ann ( pigpigscorner) me too...each time I go nursery, I will buy back the herb plants , but mine lasted for a month or two...after that due to neglect and the snails attacking them, they eventually R.I.P :p now I am starting to plant again ...can leave without fresh herbs especially the italian parsley, rosemary and oregano :)

    Cheah....hear! hear! blogging takes no 1 now :p like you said, have to find the time to reorganize the ' garden '

  12. Hi Cath J....thnaks, the oregano are growing nicely. Hope it will continue to grow well so that I can pluck them aytime I need it for cooking :)

  13. Feb. 23, 2015 Elin, hello from Cristina in Canada. It is winter here now but I have a key lime tree inside the house since 2013 and with fruits. But I wish I have a calamansi or calamondin plant like yours. We used to drink calamansi juice in the Philippines when we were young not just for cooking.