Friday, May 7, 2010

Mussels And Shrimps In Thai Chilli Sauce

I know I have been eating seafood a lot lately and it is really bad for me but the younger ones can still enjoy all these and I just have to cook these sinfully rich deliciousness for Jo who will be going away and I know she will miss home cooked food for sure. I posted this up for her incase she has a craving when she is away from home, she can come here for virtual feeding lol!  Mussels , shrimps and crabs are her favourites so being the dotting momsie, I cooked her favourite dish....Mussels & Shrimps In Thai Chili Sauce ..... aromatic and flavorful. My blog is her recipe book :))
Thai Chili Sauce, as a dipping , can be a bit overly sweet so I normally use it as one of the ingredients for cooking dishes that needs savory for this dish. With garlic and a bit of fermented black beans, this dish turned out so delicious that Jo wished she could have the whole dish to herself ..ahemm the Momsie loves it too but once again becoz it is artery clogging for me, I took a few only. :p  This truly whets one's appetite and we have second helpings...the gravy infused into the mussels....whoa I can have two helpings of hot steamed rice !

I hope this photo won't make you salivate all over your keyboard * wink

Mussels & Shrimps In Thai Chilli Sauce -
- serves 2


300 g shrimps -  shelled leaving the tail and devein
200g fresh mussels - cleaned and drained dry

4 pips of garlic- chopped fine
1 tsp of fermented black beans
3 - 4 tbsp of bottled Thai sweet chilli sauce
3 tbsp of olive oil

2 sprigs of chinese coriander - garnishing

1 tsp of corn flour
4 tbsp of water


Heat up the wok, add in 2 tbsp olive oil , put in the prawns and stir fry till half cooked. Add in the mussels and continue to stir fry till cooked. Push aside  the shrimps and mussels , add in the remaining olive oil and saute the garlic and fermented black beans till fragrant, add in the thai chilli sauce and stir fry till well combine. Push back the shrimps and mussels and stir fry till well coated with the fragrant sauce. Add in thickening and stir fry till well combined. Add in a bit of hot water if required ( if more gravy is required ) . Add in the coriander and dish up . Serve with hot steamed rice.

Enjoy and have a great weekend !

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  1. What if your photos did make me salivate all over my keyboard?!! LOL
    I am prawns fan...Thai chilli sauce makes the dish sound even better!

  2. Thai seafood dishes are superb! I love this dish.

  3. aiyo...torturing me la...wanna go cook rice and eat with my sambal petai liao...oh ya...this week blog bonanza from BX is cook book leh. Ngum u :D

  4. Wooahh! This is very appetizing dish. It makes me feel hungry now.

  5. Seafood's got the zinc that is impt for adults and kids :D

  6. I love prawns too! Mind to share some?

  7. OMG...that looks so good....your pics are amazing....too good, now I'm craaving shrimp!!

  8. There's no such thing as too much seafood is there? Lovely dish! Fantastic pictures.

  9. Simply amazing with this terrific sauce!

  10. Thai style shrimp! That is one of my favorites.

  11. This looks and sounds so appetizing! Yes, we'll have to go slow but the younger set can enjoy :)

  12. I love that you mix&match fermented beans and sweet chili sauce! what a great idea!

  13. The sauce looks amazing! How I wish I can have seafood everyday too!

  14. Wow, what a nice seafood dish...great combination of mussels and Thai chilli :-) Great pictures as well!

  15. Wonderful dish! The Thai chilli sauce would highlight the flavors of the mussels and shrimp really well.

  16. Hi
    Angie...haha then you have to cook this dish ! :p

    Kenny ...yup I love thai dishes too :)

    Kathy ...haha cook this dish yourself coz you can't get it anywhere in KL only Elin's Corner :p haha that book is not bad ...hope I can get win it :))

    Grace...ooopps sorry to have made you hungry ;p

    tigerfish...thanks for the info...yup once in a while we indulge in these sea morsels would be good :)

    Anncoo ...sure haha help yourself :p

    pegasuslegend...thanks :)

    Chef Dennis...heehee I managed to make you crave for shrimps !

    Mother Rimmy...thanks ...haha yup you are right..there is no such thing as too much seafood :)

    Sonia...yess it is delish !

    5 star foodie...: ) yup delish !

    bunnycooks....mine too :)

    Biren...haha but at times I forget my age and think I am as young as the kids !

    Mary...we share the same fav food :)

    Tanantha...these two ingredients complement each other well. You will love it !

    Ann of pigpigscorner...haha you just had the most enjoyable time in HK and Taiwan and Malaysia and all the time eating the famos food there...I envy you leh :)

    Juliana...thanks for your kind words :)

    Scott...thank God I managed to make you salivate :p

    CC...yup the thai chilli sauce enhanced the flavor of the mussels and shrimps...delish and interesting sauce ever for seafood.

  17. Is only 10 something in the morning here and I am already hungry. This dish will be great for my lunch. I too find the Thai Chili sauce a bit too sweet for me. I still prefer to use our Lingham. By the way, Happy Mother's Day!!

  18. Gertrude...thanks so much. Same to you too , have a wonderful time with Diana :))

  19. Be honest this is the beat Thai chilli seafood I have ever seen. The ones in restaurant always look not this fresh. Love the recipe so I will try the fresh seafood at home.

  20. I wish I had mussels in the house now so I could make this for dinner.

  21. This looks delicious and I DID salivate all over my keyboard!