Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Fresh Mushrooms In Cheese Sauce

Jo loves fresh mushrooms and cheese and what better way to cook both together . It was the best marriage for these two ingredients . The sauteed garlic add extra flavor to these two best matched cheese and shrooms :)  For me, this is the most adventurous match of two distinct flavor in my cooking experience . If you are a cheese lover and a shrooms lover you will woo by this dish. Eat it with garlic baguette or pita bread. It is delicious......a fusion taste of east and west!
I can imagine how it will taste as I cook, adding a little of this and a little of that and eventually a new dish is kids love it each time I present something new on the table.  Daddy is not adventurous at all when it comes to new dishes. His famos words " keep to your old recipes that try not to be too adventurous "  LOL!  Who cares...when the home chef has her say , she will take everything in her own stride and just don't let her eyes catch hold of any spices around the kitchen counter, she will grab whatever is available and start shaking and sprinkling them on to the food that is being cooked on the stove and the outcome something not in the recipe at all BUT will turn out fantastic for example this fresh mushrooms in cheese sauce !

Jo and myself had the whole plate to ourselves .  Less man more share as the saying goes :p  The cheese sauce was so delicious that the last drop was wiped cleaned and into our mouth. You tell me yummy a not ? Of course, this is one very special fresh mushrooms in cheese sauce. 

the fresh coriander adds flavor to the dish too....

this is best taken with baguette and pita bread
 and fried chicken pieces...yummyumm

the delicious cheese sauce infused into the fresh mushrooms....
awwwww...this is so good I wanna cook this again !

Fresh Mushroms In Cheese Sauce


1 pkt of fresh white beech mushrooms - cleaned
1 pkt of fresh Shimeiji mushrooms - cleaned
3 pips of garlic - finely chopped
3 tbsp of olive oil
1 tsp of black pepper
1 tsp of cayenne pepper
30g mozzarella cheese
50g cheddar cheese

2 sprigs chinese coriander leaves

Preparation :

Sautee garlic with the olive oil till fragrant, add in the black pepper and stir fry for a few seconds, add in the mushrooms and stir fry till well combine. The mushroom will secrete liquid out  and this will be just nice for sauce. Add in the cheese and let it simmer slowly until all the cheese has melted and infused into the mushrooms. When about to dish out, add coriander leaves as garnishing.

Serve it hot with baguettes and pita breads.

Enjoy !

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  1. Elin, are you an architect or is your husband one? Never knew you are in this line. Who would have thought an architect could cook so well. That dish looks delicious spreaded over toasted baguettes!

  2. Quinn, sorry to have misled u in the other post , I work in the architect section. Drafting what the architect has sktech out building designs ....that's my job and you can say an architecture without a degree after so many years in this line makes me one lol! :p

    This dish is must try it out if you love cheese and mushrooms :)

  3. Mushroom and cheese sauce, what a great combo! I love this!

  4. I like mushrooms in butter sauce, esp in those Japanese outlets. Very fragrant and really brings out the earthy tones of the fungi.

  5. Love Chinese mushroom!! I will try this dish tomorrow nit. It looks not hard and I got these mushrooms at home as well.

  6. Looks and sounds like an awesome dish! Must be delicious!

  7. Mushrooms in cheese sauce sound fantastic! Wonderful with baguette!

  8. My husband will love this. He can eat an entire pound of mushrooms all by himself!

  9. Mmm...great combo, cheese and mushrooms-very delicious.

  10. Hi Elin... I m sure loving this... Shemeiji, white beech and cheese, love that combination... even only that 3 ingredients, its still be a great dish... ;)

  11. Wow...this is something new! Thanks for introducing a new & delicious dish!

  12. Cheese and mushrooms, yes please.

  13. my two fav mushrooms and cheese, oh how divine..great recipe


  14. I love discovering new recipes. You can't go wrong with cheese and mushrooms.

  15. What a great way to cook mushroom! Thanks for sharing this. I'm going to try this out soon. I agreed for a toasted baguette


  16. Looks creamy and very delicious. That would be so good poured over pasta...mmm

  17. This looks so delicious! How I wish I can cok this at home, too bad my hubs is not a huge fan of cheese.

  18. Definitely delicious. more use for cheese. I shall list "cheese" in my shopping list this week :D

  19. Grace...hope you will think this out :)

    James...yup this taste almost the same :)

    Brett...hope you will like it :)

    Biren...if you love mushrooms and cheese you will definitely like it cook this way :)

    5 star foodie...this goes well with baugette and pasta :)

    Mother too, I love mushrooms :)

    Anncoo..:) yes great combo and delish too!

    Chef Nash...everyone seems to agree this is a great combo :)

    BeeBee .... hope you like it :)

    Roxan..thanks for dropping by :)

    Sweetlife...thanks for dropping by :)

    Ms Bibi... Me too , love discovering new dishes :)

    Tanantha....yes, it goes well with toasted baugette :)

    MaryMoh...yesss.. it will taste good with pasta , thanks for the suggestion :)

    pigpigscorner....welcome back...after all those good food in HongKong :))

    tigerfish...hope you will love it :)

  20. I wanna try mix with more kinds of mushrooms. Love this dish!!

  21. Tebonin...I think it will be great to have a mixture of different types of mushrooms :))

  22. This looks so delicious! The cheese sauce sounds perfect for the mushrooms.

  23. Hi Angie...yup perfect for the this dish...goes well with the baguette and pasta :)