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Shaped like “little torches,” these short, bell-shaped pasta go well with plain tomato sauces. It is from the Campania region of Italy. Torchietti is pronounced as (tor-kee-EH-tee). Must never overboiled them least they become too soft. Pasta should be cooked till 'al dente '. It means " to the teeth" in Italian . It is considered cooked to an ideal degree of doneness where it is firm and not soft. It must be chewy and firm to the teeth.
I so heart these cuties....haha.. haven’t tried it before, so bought a packet home. I was really bewitched by it.

Piggy gal was thrilled by the shape too and asked to have pasta for dinner. I chose bolognaise-like sauce but added more cheese to it. I added extra cheddar and morzeralla cheese to the sauce ( that’s all the cheese I have in the fridge..left over from the last pizza making ) The cheesy flavour blends well with it . It tasted fantastic. Haha….my two piggies simply loved it. Hubby doesn’t like pasta..any form of pasta. So he will have to cook his own meal whenever we have pasta for dinner. Heehee..this is the only time I can bully him to do his own dinner. *wink*

One thing about my piggies, they love to eat, anything from noodles to pizza . So it is easy for me to prepare dinner for them. I don’t cook lunch coz I am a working momsie except on weekends , that also very seldom. Normally after church, we eat out. This is how I cooked the torchietti (tor-kee-EH-tee ).

Italiano Torchietti With Bolognaise Sauce

Ingredients used to prepare the bolognaise-like sauce :)

Pasta has more than a 100 types. Comes in different shapes and sizes and flavors. I can go gaga over them. And many types of sauces to go with it. Pasta is nutritious but can be fattening too becoz of the cream and cheese that goes with it. But one can prepare the sauce with olive oil instead of butter and cut down on the cheese and uses tomato sauce instead of cream. It is so yummy delicious that my piggy gal doesn't mind having them often. She is a cheese gal just like the dad. She loves anything cheesy :) and she insisted that more italian herbs to be added to the sauce italiano! I so love pasta that I bought a recipe book just on pasta. Published by "The Australian Woman's Weekly" . Of course seafood pasta is the best and my favourite too. Heehee ....I know , I know , it is damn fattening...haizz.... :(

Note: If you have red wine at home, add in ½ cup of red wine into the sauce. It tastes even better.

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