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The Haunting At Kellie's Castle: Truth or Fiction?

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I’ve heard a lot of stories about Kellie’s Castle. Some say it is one of the most haunted places in Malaysia, some say it has the most beautiful architectural heritage ever. So, which one is it? I’m not much into telling scary stories in my page, I can’t say that I really believe or not the thought of something living among us that we cannot see. I’m not undermining those who believe in it and I can’t say I’m a believer myself. I think it depends on perspective. So, now, Kellie’s Castle, what’s the story?
Kellie’s Castle is in Ipoh, you can get there by either driving yourself if you are already in Malaysia or take a plane ride there. You can find Malaysia Airlines offering a route to Ipoh and you can easily book the flight ticket at Traveloka. I’ve been hearing about them a lot lately since the KL2017 and Asia’s Got Talent. I got curious and checked out their site and mobile app - just wanted to see what’s so different. Turns out, they have cool features that I find convenient to use. I’m not going to explain it here though, you can go check out their site and look it up.

So, Kellie’s Castle was built by a Scottish planter named William Kellie-Smith. From what I read online, some say he built this castle as a gift to his wife. Talk about competing with Taj Mahal, right? Another side was that he built this castle as a home for his son. Which is the truth, who knows? So, if you haven’t seen or know about Kellie’s Castle, it’s a huge castle that looked very aesthetic in terms of its architectural essence. The castle was built of Scottish, Moorish, and Tamilvanan Indian influence.

  pic credit: tripadvisor

70 craftsmen from India worked on this castle and seemed very fond of Mr Kellie-Smith for his generosity towards them. The story took a sad turn though when William died of pneumonia at the age of 56. He had fallen ill during his trip to Lisbon, Portugal in 1926. By the time of his death, the construction was still going on. His wife was too devastated to stay and returned to Scotland. The castle was left unfinished.
And the haunting story goes…

I did a little digging on some of the stories people have documented when they visited the place. One common story was that when they visit the castle at night, they saw the apparition of Mr William Kellie-Smith himself wandering around the castle - looking for his wife. Chills, man. Some say they also saw other family members of the Smith family, particularly his daughter in one of the rooms and the bathrooms. International paranormal investigators even considered this castle to be haunted. I’ve never been to the castle myself, so I can’t say for sure if I believe it to be haunted or not.

From the looks of it, yeah, it does have that haunted castle vibe to it because of its age and the structure of the castle itself. Any old castle looks haunted when it’s been abandoned for so many years. It’s no surprise why people feel the chills when they come across this place.

  pic credit: tripadvisor
A beautiful ruins…

Looking past the image of a haunted castle, Kellie’s Castle has a very aesthetic structure. The form is so beautiful. It has all the original influence of India and European mixed into one. Although the castle was not fully finished, just from the front, you can see how intricate the designs are. I find it fascinating when I first look at the picture of the place.

The rooms inside was decorated in a way that is suitable for tourist, of course. The statue of himself built by the craftsmen was still there too. The view from one of the rooms in the castle was breathtaking. I must say, maybe I’ll take a trip there sometime and let you know if there’s anything weird going on there. If you are one of those people that love the paranormal activity, you can probably go there too. If you are the one that loves architectural ruins, you can probably go there too. I think what makes Kellie’s Castle stand out is the fact that even if it’s haunted or not, it is still a good historical place that holds its own unique story to it.

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