Wednesday, August 30, 2017

One Stop Printing In Singapore

After retirement, I was wondering how am I ever going to survive with the income slashed to 50% .  I have to be quick to think what I should do to generate more income. I registered a sole proprietor company and started my own business .  The start up was a bit slow but now it is catching up and I need to print more business cards , presentation folders , letterheads and leftlets. I consulted my business consultant , who is also my son, and he recommended me Gogoprint , a one stop printing in Singapore . Free delivery all over Singapore and  48 hours delivery available.  It is so convenient and they vouch a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  I love it as it is a one stop printing, less hassle and their prices are surprising lower than the price I normally gets from my regular printer. 

Besides printing business cards, flyers and digital booklet. Printing wedding cards, invitation cards, paper placemat , greeting cards , tags, posters, gift vouchers and table tent are available too. It is truly a one stop printing for me.  My son showed me how to print on line with Gogoprint.   Yes, it is so easy ,just 4 simple steps and I can have my printing done.  Wow, technology really has me in awe! I recommended my Singapore clients to Gogoprint and they too find it so convenient and they think that their pricing is fair, after all it is free delivery all over Singapore.

Do check out their website if you are impressed like I am :)

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