Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Jeulia Best Selling Wedding Bands For Women

" Snowdrops and daffodils
Butterflies and bees
Sailboats and fishermen
Things of the sea
Wedding bells
Early morning dew
All kinds of everything remind me of you "

I practically grew up listening to this song . I grew up thinking one day I would have a fairy tale wedding but alas I had a simple wedding with just a plain gold wedding band to an ordinary man who loves me to bits.  Today,  women are more blessed. Jeulia have more intricate designs of wedding bands for women .  My BFF recommends Jeulia website to me, she showed me their range of beautiful women wedding bands and I am really impressed.  Jeulie has come out with beautiful wedding rings for women and have many choices to pick for their wedding.  A ring is a symbol of marriage, the wedding ring represents union and commitment of spouses for life. ... It is the ring of love.  I remembered my engagement ring was a plain gold band with a small diamond in the center. But my wedding ring was a simple plain gold band.  Nonetheless it is a symbol of union and commitment and love. 

Look at the design of this wedding ring. It is Jeulia Two Tone Intertwined Round Cut Created White Sapphire. The moment I set my eyes on it, I knew I have fallen deeply in love with the design.  It would be great to have this for my 40th wedding anniversary . Hubby and I are planning to renew our wedding vow again  on our coming 40 years together.  If God's willing, why not ?   I have KIV another 2 more wedding rings.  

This is another one that I have KIV for my 40th wedding anniversary ring . A beautiful Jeulia Round Cut Created White Sapphire...elegant cut and classy. I love this too :)

This Jeulia ring is  elegant looking.  Has a two toned round cut created white sapphire.  Oh , I wish I could have all these 3 rings.  But I can have only one !  Nevermind, for every following anniversary, I shall pester the hubby to get me the rest.  I really have to thank my BFF who is also my daughter for recommending the website to me.  

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