Saturday, April 29, 2017

Recording King Acoustic Guitar A Gift For WildBoar?

I am running out of ideas what to get for Wildboar comes this August.  His 58th birthday ! Still young and can still learn how to play the keyboard . We have been trying to get him to learn all the chords for the keyboard and I guess he takes longer to be good at it.  I am now thinking of getting him a better performing guitar for I  just discovered he can strum the guitar well. My boy left his guitar for his dad when he went to work in the Lion City. And since then this old Wildboar of mine has been playing with it since.  My son actually inherited the guitar from his grandpa , thus it is quite old and doesn't sound its best.  So I am now searching on line for a better one for him and maybe it will be a great idea to give a new guitar as his birthday pressie.  Should I or should I not ?

As usual Joe our music friend is very in favor of me getting one for WB as he thinks it will get him excited to jam out with them when they go music jamming over the weekends :)  I have done a search online and found this acoustic guitar which is quite affordable and since they are having a sale on and shipping service is available to me , it should be a great deal after all. If you guys are also looking for a good guitar , like this recording king, check it out at . You can view their wide range of acoustic guitars and pick one that you like.  Good news, they are having sale now.

I might get rid of the old one and replace a new one for my Wildboar.  For me I love photography, so upgrading to a better one is my dream.  LOL, gosh I may as well tell him to upgrade one for me instead of hinting all the time.   I love my camera just like he loves his keyboard and guitar.


  1. It's great to know that you & your husband are still active and enjoying learning new things. Most folks at your age are not motivated to learn new things with the excuse they are "too old to learn".
    Perhaps you could ask your husband to write a wish list (what he would like to have for his birthday).

    1. Yup, will ask him to write a wish list. Learning has no age limit :)


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