Thursday, March 16, 2017

Chocolate Is Everyone's Favorite

If you asked me whether I like chocolate, I will tell you of course I do, who doesn’t anyway ? Not only children love chocolate, bakers love them too.  Chocolate are used widely in all bakeries.  Chocolate boxes are popular gifts for Valentine’s Day, Birthdays  and Children Parties.  I am a home baker myself and I love to use chocolate in my bakes.  I used them in cake decorations ,  frosting  and fillings for tarts and for making chocolate buns too.  I  have sweet tooth and one of my favourite sweet is the Chocolate Bananas. Comes in a box of 100s  and  I normally add them as part of a decoration for children birthday cakes. They are  so chocolatey good that  I myself can eat two in one sitting.  Shaped like a interesting and I know children love them too.

Recently , I was asked by my daughter to help organise a children party for the orphanage home that she helps out . She has been giving free tutoring to the kids from the home for the past 6 years and this coming May 1st , the home is giving a party for the kids and the volunteers . And to celebrate Labour Day  and at the same time for the kids whose birthday falls on the month of May , June, July and August.  A brilliant idea to celebrate two events at the same time !  I suggested to my daughter to get the chocolate boxes of different varieties so that the kids can have more choices. Some of the chocolates that I recommended are the 3 kg boxes containing Giant White Jazzles, Chocolate Jazzles,  Giant Pink and White Mice, Pink Pigs, Skulls, Spinning Tops, White Drops, Chocolate Drops . Chocolate Mice and Bananas In a Box will be the main attraction for the kids.  Not only the kids will be excited seeing the many chocolate boxes , I m sure the adults will too. 

This coming party will be fun for the children as they will be spoilt for choice , for they will be  offered a delicious spread of  chocolate.  Chocolate will be the main attraction for the night.  My daughter has prepared some games for the children  too.   I will helping her to bake a large birthday cake for the birthday children . The birthday Cake will be most probably Ferrero Rocher White And Dark Chocolate Cake  .I will be making some jellies too . Kids love jellies especially the Palm Sugar Jelly.   Other teachers will be involved in the preparation of the main course.   I am looking forward to the party and am  as excited as the kids. 

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