Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Young In Spirit But The Body Says Otherwise !

I may be young in spirit but the body is actually at its age :) Recently, I was having difficulty in reading fine prints and have to take off my short sighted specs to read the fine prints on the box label.  Hubby was teasing me and asked me to get a pair of reading glasses online as it is always cheaper to get online, after it is just reading glasses and he told me that his friend , Steven , who runs an optical shop in town gets his glasses from wholesale reading glasses too. Well, I guess I have to listen to my hubby for this once and get a pair of reading glasses so that I need not have to struggle to read fine prints.  Point taken and I asked him to order a pair for me since he suggested it  :)  I choose one that is more modern to me so as to look young not in spirit only :p

Recently, I met up with a few friends and we were chatting about our food blogging and that we had been blogging for more than 8 years now and we had been friends since those days.  We have the same passion in cooking and baking and we will share our recipes and learn from each other.  Looking back we really have been blogging for 8 that is darn cool. We will be having another meet up soon with the rest of the early bloggers and we are looking forward to seeing the rest as we have not seen them for a few years as some have relocated to Australia.  I need to get some new dresses as this CNY, I did not get amyself any new dresses.  My daughter recommended me to shop online at this website for they have a wide range of lovely wholesales dresses and upon checking the website, I am impressed by the chic looking dresses they represented.   And for younger people, they have some very stunning dresses for the younger age group. I want to look young , so I shall pick one for myself too!

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