Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Where To Get Musical Instrument Parts

My children loves music and art.  My sonJoshua  plays the piano and guitar well and my daughter Joanna loves art.  She has a Phd in materials engineering but chooses art as her career.  I am thankful that she is living her dream job now. Doing so well in watercolor and in modern calligraphy  and has made a name for herself in her new venture.

My other daughter Elaine loves baking like I do. She took takes lesson in baking. My other son Chris loves art too and he does portrait drawing on his off days.  I have a family consists of talented people :)

My husband is taking up keyboard lessons from his bff who stays just a distance from us.  Never say you are too old to learn. Like for me, I took  up photography at the age of 55 and now I can say I am quite good at handling my DSLR :) and enjoying my retirement , spending my free time doing what I missed doing when I was bringing up the kids and working full time. 

When my son and hubby needs to get any musical parts, they normally shop online from here at musiciansfriend.com I find that it makes shopping for musical stuff much easier , for they have an extensive lists of musical parts that offers great deals.  Check it out yourself on their website.... who knows you might find great prices and their extensive list of musical parts might interest you.

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