Saturday, December 24, 2016

Healthy And Fun Activities For Kid And Youth

When I was young, my friends and I enjoyed outdoor games during our school holidays, weekends and whatever free time we have. In our present days, most kids and young people are staying indoors glued to their ipads, smartphones, tablets, etc. Have you noticed that the modern kids and young people hardly join outdoor activities or sweat out playing games with their friends? You can just look around in public places especially in eateries.

While waiting for their food to be served, it is normal nowadays to see those around the tables focusing on their smartphones or ipads in their hands, hardly speaking to another. Young parents will be on their smartphones and their little toddlers will be given ipads to occupy them so as not to disturb their parents.

I feel that we as parents or adults who have children under our care, to create more opportunities for our kids or young people to encourage them to be more involved in healthy activities. We need to organize fun games to attract the young people.
Here are some exciting games to consider that are both fun and hilarious. One is the Human Bowling Ball Game using inflatable Zorb balls. This bowling game can be played in the open field or spacious indoor hall. These zorb ball games are suitable for team building events, family or children’s camp where players get to have fun activities or healthy exercise. Water games using zorb balls are both fun and exciting for both adults and kids with adult supervision.
Another game to consider is the Bubble Soccer using inflatable big bubble balls. With proper adult supervision these games are great to encourage our kids or young people away from their modern gadgets.

Besides the inflatable zorb and big bubble soccer balls, you can also plan games using other inflatable products which are easily obtainable online. To help with your planning of these fun games, you can check out the products at These are great products to invest in when we are thinking in terms of health of our younger generations. 

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