Thursday, November 3, 2016

Life’s Too Short to Skip Dessert for Breakfast

You know that old saying, “Life’s too short, eat dessert first?”  I’m sure I have that on an apron or t-shirt somewhere, but today I want to take that a step further and say eat dessert for breakfast.  But you’ll see how easy it is to prepare and will want to make them yourself for everyone you love.

I was inspired to make this item when a friend returned from a trip abroad and couldn’t stop talking about the delicious waffles they make in Belgium.   Now I know a thing or two about making waffles, I have the best waffle iron on the market, but I didn’t have one that makes those thick waffles that are what she was talking about.  Then, I went online searching for a good deal and came across the Groupon site.  There’s a new feature I’ve been wanting to try and it's called Groupon local.  You search by category and city, and bam! You get offers for goods and services that match your needs. 

And I’m talking about name brand merchandize.  I saw a coupon for one of my favorite stores and couldn’t believe how much I could save just by using a Groupon coupon.  They have items at up to 65% off and more.  I started shopping there because I liked the clothes they carry, but I’ve since broadened my list and now buy household appliances and kitchen aids, too.  In fact, they had just what I was looking for – a Belgian waffle maker and it was on sale.  I was able to apply the money saving Groupon right from my phone and snag the deal before I could think twice.  Now I can’t wait to show my friend how many colorful and fully loaded waffles I can produce.  It’s really easy.  Cut up fresh fruit like strawberries, melon and grapes.  Arrange them in a pattern of your choice and drizzle hot chocolate syrup over them.  You can even use the fruit slices to make cute faces on the waffles for the little ones.

I’m so pleased with my purchase I want you to take advantage of the deals, too.  So go to the Groupon site and see how many wonderful things they offer or do like I did and buy a waffle maker so you can have dessert for dinner, too.

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