Friday, November 25, 2016

JBL PA Speakers

This is my first time being introduced to JBL PA speakers.  Hubby and I were searching around for music related gifts for our son Joshua.  But this jbl pro is not suitable for him but maybe this is great for our music friend Joe. JBL has a wide range of speaker options for music artists at every level. From aspiring DJs to professional stage engineers touring with chart-topping bands and whatever the scale of production and pro audio may need, it is the perfect PA speakers for this group of people. Thus we strike this out of our christmas gift list but has put it under KIV in case we need to get something for our friend Joe :)

They have a great range of speakers that is right at home in any venue, delivering the flexibilit needed to cater to any audio setup.  Good news for our  musician friend Joe.  He has his own band and he might want to change his old set for a more powered model :)  It is no secret that JBL makes truly world class speakers ! Check it out at their website to know more about about their portable multimedia speakers :)

Btw, we found the most appropriate Christmas gift for our son.  Will share in my next coming posts :) stay tuned!

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