Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Christmas Is Just Around The Corner

Wow, time really flies.  In less than a month, it will be Christmas and hubby and I will be spending an early Christmas together with our daughters and son in Singapore.  Killing two birds with a stone. My daughter Joanna will be having her first oversea calligraphy workshop in Singapore a week before Christmas.  We took the opportunity to be there too . We are opportunists....the family can be together for a short break before Christmas. Singapore is lighted up with Christmas decorations now and this is great time for me to be there . As many of you knows that photography is my new hobby.  This trip to Singapore would be a great opportunity to learn night photography from two sifus. One is hubby and the other is son Joshua :)  I am most blessed to have them as my photography sifus ,

Okay, back to main topic.  Now this the time to shop for Christmas gift for the family.  I have been searching online for gifts that will please the whole family.  Shopping online for gifts has made life easier for me and hubby.  Since I will be spending time with the kids in Singapore, I will give them each an early Christmas pressies.  We can have an early Christmas celebration .  It is easier to get gifts for the girls but for the guys, it is harder.

My son Josh loves anything music...we will never go wrong if it is music related and we finally found sometime good for him.  A psp software is a signal processor software that can converts digital information into sound.  Once the info is processed, he can shape the sound however he wants. The plug-ins and downloads found are affordable, easy to install and an absolute blast to use.  This software will be great for him as he loves to make his own music :)  

One gift solved and now . Light and easy to take with us to Singapore :)  Josh will get his early Christmas pressies all the way from the US.  So happy that they ship to Malaysia now. Makes shopping online easy for us. If you still not know what to get for your music friends, check out their website for more ideas what to get for them this Christmas.

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