Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Beach Wedding

Time flies , it has been one and half years since  my son had a  garden wedding . He had his wedding held in one of the resort at Genting Highlands.   I remembered how busy both families were just organising the wonderful event especially my in-laws.  They did most of the hard work  :)  Thank you to the in-laws for helping out in order that the wedding event went through smoothly.

Now it is my cousin's turn to be busy. Her daughter wanted a beach wedding. Whoa, a beach wedding is something I really looked forward to. It will be my first time and I am excited.  She is smarter than me, she got a wedding planner to do the organizing.  Thus, all she need to do is to pray for fine weather comes end of December :)  She told me she bought all her  dresses needed for the occasions from and her daughter Emily has ordered her cheap beach wedding dresses uk from there too. I will check out the website and maybe order two beach party dresses for the beach wedding come December :)   Below is one  that my niece has ordered for her wedding ...simple, and yet elegant !

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