Saturday, July 9, 2016

Joe And His Newly Acquired Guitar

Joe is Wild Boar's buddy and they have been hanging out together for years now. He is also my hair stylist and very much a musician at heart. He loves music and each time we meet up, music instruments will be one of the topics. And not only he acquires and changes guitars and musical assessories often, he is also an antique collector.  

Joe acquired a Gretsch guitar recently and he can't wait to show us his lastest 'toy' . He sold off his previous one to one of his friend.  He gave us a brief introduction to this renowed brand Gretsch . The Gretsch name, according to him, can be easily found, thanks to their dedication in producing superb tone and professional craftsmanship. And their guitars are made from the finest materials and components.  He said Gretsch guitar has graced the hands of many famous influential artists such as Billy Gibbons, brian setzer , Chef Atkins and Tim Armstrong . Haha, I just rolled my eyes when he said that.  I suppose it makes him feel famous too :p  Gretsch is well known and praised for their lineup of many other musical stringed instruments and accessories. Oh well, I guess he knows his stuff well since he is such a passionate musician.  After hearing so much about his lastest guitar, I can understand why Gretsch will forever remain a go-to coice amongst expert musicians and amateur enthusiasts alike.

We enjoy being in his company for Joe is such a cheerful person.  When we are surrounded by him, his cheerfulness rubs on us too :)  It is good to be with people who are music lovers and love making music. We try to be with people who has positive energy and Joe is one !  He is a dreamer too :)

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