Sunday, May 22, 2016

Replace Your Way to Healthier Eating

Enjoying a healthy lifestyle comes down to two essential points; How you exercise and what you eat. If you are reaping the physical rewards of regular sessions at a gym in Houston, then your physical fitness is taken care of. However, if after leaving your training you enjoy a fatty or unhealthy meal, then all that work is for naught.

Often flavor is the driving factor which leads people to veer off the healthy eating path of their lifestyle. If this is you - we have just the post you're looking for. Instead of sacrificing taste for health, follow these tips to replace unhealthy ingredients and enjoy a meal which is both healthy and tasty.

An old favorite and an extremely versatile ingredient. However, not the healthiest. The next time you are preparing a rice-based meal, replace your rice with Quinoa. Quinoa has a much higher level of protein and fiber than rice and brings a delicious flavor to any dish.

Sour Cream
Often used for its fuller taste, it's sad to say that sour cream isn't going to help you lose weight or stay fit. However, Greek Yoghurt brings with it a much higher amount of protein and a significantly lower amount of calories, making it a great alternative in any recipe.

Potato Chips
A well-known source of delicious flavor is also a well-known source of fat, oil, and carbs. Coming in to fill its place is air-popped popcorn. Not to be confused with its oil-popped cousin, air popped popcorn contains significantly less saturated fat and is available in a range of tasty flavors.

All Dressings
One to surely bring pain to the face of any taste aficionado, it's unfortunate to say that your favorite dressing is likely to be one of the least healthy ingredients in your pantry. Whatever the flavor, your best bet is going to be swapping it out for balsamic vinegar.

Balancing a healthy lifestyle is achievable, it just takes the right knowledge and determination. It's likely that your friends are also in similar situations. Share these tips with them and listen to theirs in return for even more ways to make your everyday meals healthier.

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