Sunday, March 20, 2016

Mother's Day :)

Have you thought what to get for your Mom on this coming Mother's Day?  Dedicate a poem to her or get her gift ? Jewelery perhaps ?   If you can't decide what to give to your mom on Mother's Day, maybe you would like to get her Joy Jewelers mothers rings. A birthstone ring would be ideal if you have not given her jewelry gift before :) Check out their website and choose from their wide range of Mother's rings. I love their beautiful stones and I hinting to my kids :)

I remembered when my mom was still around, I would buy her a Peking roast duck from the best restaurant on every Mother's Day.  Because roast duck was her favorite food :)  And a simple roast duck would made her happy then.  My mom passed away 10 years ago and I still miss her.  

To my kids....
I am their MOM,
They are my kids.

I am their quiet place.
They are my wild.

I am their serene face.
They are my giggles.

I am their wait.
They are my wriggles.

I am their dinner.
They are my sweetie pies.

I am their bedtime.
They are my awakes.

I am their lullaby.
They are my peek-a-boos.

I am their goodnight kiss.
They are my I Love you.

*        *        *

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