Sunday, March 20, 2016

Getting A Recording Software For Joe :)

WB has ordered a recording software for his buddy Joe who is a part time musician He is actually my hair stylist but he does perform at hotels and private function.  Joe needed to do some recording for his band and WB being an IT consultant, managed to get him Musician Friend's music recording software for all his future performances with his band.  WB can't wait for the music recording software to arrive so that he can install and have it running for Joe. Joe will be pleased when the software arrives.  Joe and WB have been friends for 2 decades and they help each other like brothers. In fact, they behave as if they are DNA brothers LOL!  So close that their friends said they shared a trousers :p

We love to see his performances . He can really sing and I am amazed he is a hair stylist by day and a singer by night :)

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