Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The Perfect Digital Mixer - DJM-T1

Time flies and soon it will be Christmas...another 3 weeks and everyone is busy preparing their Christmas eve menu.  We will be having our CG christmas dinner this weekend and we are having potluck this time .  Food is my department and the night programme after food is WB's department. He will have to prepare some songs and games.  He is thinking of having a session of karaoke and he wants it to be like a real performance.  Joe , his buddy will lend him his Digital Mixer-djm t1, a complete solution , a hybrid mixer that has a controller and audio interface in one unit.  Wow, I am sure, we will be have lots of fun this coming weekend . Food and a good sound system brings us all together more closer and I can't wait for the weekend to arrive.  

I will be cooking a dish that will make my cg friends drools before they partake of the food before their eyes....hehehe wicked me alright !

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