Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Exposure To Music From Young

I remembered when my kids started  piano lessons when they were 5 years old, their music teacher will encourage them to go for musical concerts.  We are lucky that we have a big cultural hall that is used for musical concerts.  I used to purchase tickets for the concert so that they get exposure to all kinds of musical instruments. My kids love music and they also loves performances by woodwind instruments.  And each time after watching a musical concert, my son would pester the dad to buy him a flute . Today he can plays a few musical instruments besides playing the keyboards :)

It is a blessing to have two family members able to play musical instruments and I feel it is always good to expose children to music when young.  It is a pleasure to listens to them play not just the piano but other instruments like flute, guitar and saxophone.   My blessings indeed!

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