Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Cabinet Hardware And Kitchen Organizer

My brother in NJ has engaged the service of a interior designer to renovate his kitchen and all the bedrooms.  He being a chef wants to extend his kitchen outwards so that he can more space to do his test out new recipes for his restaurant.  His interior designer suggested that he check out this some drawer slide at ovis and if he agrees , she will order them for his kitchen.  My brother being a male is quite picky and it is better if he agrees to some kitchen organizers first before she orders them for his new kitchen.  Oh, I rally envy my sister in law. She too will have a new fact a bigger one too...hehehe one day I shall fly over and pay them a visit kitchen is what I want too.  WB please take the hint and have ours renovated too. I have lots to do in the kitchen too ,trying out new recipes and at the time of writing, my kitchen space is too crammed up :(

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