Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Live Power Amplifiers

I understand that an impressive live show goes well beyond the musicians who are performing on stage. In fact,. there are many factors that come together behind the scenes to make sure that everything goes off smoothly without any hitch, . And one of the most important roles is played by the power amplifier. I heard this from our friend Joe Ong , he truly enlightened me on music and musical instruments.  He is also my hair stylist :) and he is a musician too.

He told us that today's power amplifiers have benefited mostly from the many breakthroughs made in technology. An excellent example is - take a look at the best-selling ButtKicker. It was designed to power the ButtKicker LFE and Concert and this amp has many cool features, including Class D switching technology and has a five-way binding post output  and has an even low and high cutoff frequency controls. It goes without doubt that this power amplifies will surely leave an impression on the audience :) 

Wow, I am already impressed , just listening to how power amplifies could impact a live concert . For those who are keen to have a power amplifier installed in their music studio can shop now for a better sound effect !

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  1. Joe Ong was my hairstylist too in the 80s. So was his brother Andrew.


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