Friday, March 13, 2015

'Duke' Our Neighbor's Dog

My neighbor's dog was sick and did not come out for walks for the past one week.  I was so busy that I did not notice that the dog was not well and gosh when I saw the master walking alone , I asked why the dog was not walking with him. He told me that his dog has hip dyspasia....gosh , that must be painful for the dog.  He told me that his vet is giving his dog carpaquin for the time being and might have to do surgery .  I feel sad for the dog coz the dog will wags his tail whenever he sees me.  Such a cheerful little fella and is strike with this painful hip dyspasia.  I pray for speedy recovery for the dog if he has to undergo surgery later.

When I told WB about the neighbor's dog, he was thankful that our two dogs are enjoying good health and he too feels sorry for our neighbor's dog. Ya , praying that 'Duke' will get well soon.

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