Monday, January 5, 2015

Sleep Disorder

At the middle of last year, I had sleep disorder.  I was not able to sleep well. The body is tired but the brain is still very active.  I closed my eyes but I could sleep even though the body is crying to fall asleep so that every part of the body could take a rest.  I had this problem for months and I looked tired during office hours.  A friend recommended me to get a CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure )Equipment and I am impressed what it can do to help me sleep properly. And I find the articles on sleep related issues to be interesting and helpful.  I learned about sleep hygiene and now they have a 10 percent off for the first item we order. And we can track our purchase online. Click here  if you are interested to know more about this CPAP equipment. I will hint hint to WB to get one for me so that I can sleep well . Sleep is important for a healthy body !

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