Monday, January 12, 2015

Saxophone Reeds?

My kids know about musical instrument better me.  When my neighbor friend ask me about professional alto sax reeds , I was like " what is that " hahaha .  But I sure learn alot from her.  Her son can blow the saxophone well and I asked her back why is she asking me about saxophone reeds and their prices ?  She thought that I knew about musical stuff since my kids learn the piano and guitars LOL!   She told me she just wanted to know the price for it coz she is thinking of getting a box of reeds for her son.  

Well, we dont just talk about gardening stuff, we do touch on our kids and their well being :)  Retirement days are sure to be a blessing to me.  Lots to learn from the neighbours :) not just about farming, gardening and baking...topics can runs from politics to religion to entertainment and to parties.  I am looking forward to the coming one before CNY !

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