Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Christmas Shopping Has Started For Me :)

It is just a month to Christmas and it is time to do some shopping again.  I do get excited , like a kid at time like this , and for me giving presents on Christmas day is joy to me.  With extended family, I have more to add to the list of to get presents for each and everyone of them.

For the girls it is easier to think of what to get them but for the guys, I am undecided what to actually get for them . But I do know that my Piggy Josh would like to get this  electric Christmas - a semi hollow and hollow body guitar from Musicians friend . It's a racecar coupe sized version of the iconic hollowbody  that for 50 years has powered hits by his favourite groups, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Oasis. The now unique hollowbody design is made smaller for easy strummimg and travel.  Mmmm...WB and myself are thinking of getting this for him.  The sister Jo can get him the case which is sold separately.  One Christmas item off the list !  I am sure my boy will be delighted and jump sky high when he opens his present come Christmas :)

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