Thursday, October 9, 2014

Jo...My Girl With A Charitable Heart :)

Jo will be graduating soon with her PhD and meanwhile, she spends most of her free time babysitting her 'furry daughter ' and exercises her fingers shaping fabric roses into bridal bands and wiring gold chains into beautiful necklaces and earrings....all for a good cause.  30 percent of the sales goes to charitable organisations...which mommy will not be proud of her.  

She will be branching out into bridal accessories...handcrafted jewelries and bridal flowers goes together , perfect match.  She will be adding Bridal Robes to her bridal corner soon.  Her passion to help out the needy, the abused , with her talent is something every mommy will be proud of.  I AM proud of my darling Jo.   A beautiful person is not a person just holding a PhD to her name but a heart that has passion to help out the needy makes you a beautiful person.  Keep up the good work Jo !

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