Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Christmas - Shopping And Gifts And My Retirement :)

Soon it will be Christmas and a list of to do and gifts shopping for the loved ones.  And it also means I am nearer to retirement...ahem a month after Christmas, I will gain my FREEDOM ! Yay! but before I celebrate my freedom, I want to have a great time this Christmas.

Each time Christmas is around the corner, I get super excited !  Time to do some surfing online for gifts for WB, Josh and my Jo..and extra gifts for my four legged son Chaco and daughter Bear Bear and not to forget my four legged grandkid MissChief.  LOL!  my dogs are my darlings.  So they are also family and they deserve Christmas gifts too.

I normally shop online for gifts for them much to see and sales are on as online stores are giving discount sales everywhere.  This is the time to buy online and my favorite one is christopher radko . They have christmas decorations stuff and gifts..a one stop store for me.  Love it and I  recommended my sister- in-law to go visit the site.  And guess what free shipping for purchase over $75.  Great news for all !  

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