Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Luxury Watch Sellers/Buyers In Berverley Hill

Hey, this is interesting news for my Wild Boar and Josh.  Do you guys know that there is this company who will buy your watch outright. No middleman involved ! You can trade up or sell your watch for cash.  And they pay you top dollars for fine watches.   I know of a few friends who lives in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills are pleased with their services.  It seems their show room is not the only place that they sell/buy luxury watches and their knowledgeable staff are updated on the current market values of high end and collectibles timepieces.  Their staff are send to auctions, trade shows and private exhibitions which allow them to stay updated.  And the good news is that their business is not limited to the Beverley Hills are and greater Los Angeles area, they have a strong network of collectors all over the world for buying and selling watches. Cool !  I am sure WB and Josh will be interested to find out their other collectors near our city :)

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