Friday, September 12, 2014

Burlap Tablecloth

I am looking for checkered linen tablecloths but my sister in law is looking for burlap tablecloths :) She like the fresh burlap scent.  An old friend of hers gifted one to her - a 60 round  for her birthday two years ago and she loves it to bits. Till todate she is still using it and she was telling how good it was and asked me to order one for myself since I am busy searching for some linen tablecloths.  It does give the right touch of casual elegance to her home and many of her friends from church compliment on her burlap linens :) Well, I think am sold by her to get some for myself :)  

I can't wait to start off my hobby of food photography but I need to get some nice linen tablecloths before I start my photography sessions.

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