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A Culinary Guide To Madrid.

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A culinary guide to Madrid.

The city of Madrid is located in the center of Spain. Connected to many Spanish cities by train and to other large cities by a variety of airlines, the city is an ideal destination for foodies.

Walking around the city center you will find a variety of bars and restaurants known for its diversity of foods, ranging from traditional Spanish dishes to many ethnic flavours. Tapas are appetizers which are usually served with each drink ordered, and raciones are larger portions designed to be shared. Some of the most famous tapas bars can be found around the Cava Baja street, which is located a short walk away from the city center, the Puerta del Sol square and the Royal Palace. If you decide to travel to Madrid, then do not forget this guide to the city’s most delicious dishes.

Patatas Bravas.

Arguably the most popular tapa city, this dish consists of wedges of potatoes served with a sauce. The traditional sauce is the spicy brava sauce, and the egg-based alioli sauce is another typical option.

Huevos Rotos.

Another traditional dish is huevos rotos, literally broken eggs. It consists of fried eggs served on top of sliced potatoes, and usually accompanied by slices of jamón ham. There are several varieties of huevos rotos, and most places offer them with a variety of cured meat.

Cocido Madrileño.

This beef and vegetable stew is the most authentic dish in the region. It is served in the oldest restaurants in the city, and is ideal for a hearty lunch during the colder seasons. There are many varieties of cocido, the most typical one being a meat and vegetable stew with chickpeas.

Callos a la Madrileña.

This is another stew that can be found in many restaurants around the city center and in the more residential areas. The main ingredients are beef tripe, chorizo, garlic, onions, pepper, snout and hoof, all cooked in broth.

Tortilla de Patata.

The epitome of the Spanish cuisine, this potato omelet can be found in any bar, restaurant and household. It is one of those dishes that everyone will claim their grandmother does best. Made from potatoes, eggs and a pinch of salt, it can be accompanied by a piece of bread and a beer, making it the ideal tapa.

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