Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Turquoise Color Is Piggy Jo's Favorite Color...Mine too !

Some weeks back, I was surfing the net and I came across this online shop that sells the most beautiful evening gowns . I clicked through all their pages and was indeed wow over their dresses displayed on their web page and their daily dresses are simple yet exude elegance.  I know Piggy Jo is now very engrossed with her homecrafted jewelry which she is selling online too and I whatappsed her to let her know about the dresses on this site so that she can match them with her jewelry.  She was so happy that I discovered this online shop  that has the most beautiful and elegant  uk evening gowns .  They have wedding gowns and many many categories to cater to all women of all ages.  They even have proms ball gowns for high school girls :)  I wish during my time, we had online boutiques so we could have looked gorgeous on our prom night too.  

My Piggy girl will be happy to look through their wedding gowns :)  She showed me the dress she fell in love with from the website I showed her and here is the dress she loves and I agreed that it is beautiful and will match the jewlery she designed a few weeks ago...beautiful turquoise gem stone that will match this dress.  I know she would have shown her  ' Bunny husband ' this dress...hoping he will buy for her :p

Have a peek at the dress she fell in love with :)

this is a lovely turquoise color and I think she will look great in this evening gown  :)

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  1. This is absolutely stunning! She certainly has good taste. I love lace, so classic, so classy...very elegant.

    Can't stand those in the bridal shops these days, exposed here, there and everywhere...they might as well walk down the aisle naked. For one thing, we do have dress codes in our churches...so I really wonder why such wedding gowns are allowed.

    1. Arthur...I shall relay your message to her :) she will be happy to see this comment from you :)


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