Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Inquisitive Bryan !

My nephew Bryan is a very talkative seven year old boy . He has endless questions to ask whenever he visits WB and myself.  We nicknamed him " Mr. Wants To Know All"  .  He will visit us every Summer break.

I still remember the last summer break , he came to stay with us for a month and boy ! he asked so many questions that sometimes I wish he is not so inquisitive :p   This nephew of mine is only seven years old and he is already asking about how are imported cars brought  into the country.  He loves cars and F1 racing is his favorite tv program.  He asked how those F1 drivers bring in their cars for the race.  I normally leave that kind of questions for WB to answer him :)  WB told him that they will ship their racing cars by international car shipping company to the respective country that is hosting the race.   LOL! Lucky for me, I don't have to answer this young and inquisitive seven year old !   But I do enjoy chatting with him...he is such a knowledgeable young lad and sometimes he makes me laugh by his funny joke. He can be mature for his age and I sometimes just roll my eyes at the way he answers my question about his school in NJ . He loves school and I guess his teachers have their hands full with him around :p 

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