Saturday, May 10, 2014

Subway...My All Time Favorite!

Subway is my all time favorite.  I never fail to eat subway each time I am in KL.  Too bad over here in Ipoh we do not have Subway and I hope one day they will open their branches in Ipoh.  I never fail to order their Spicy Italian which is packed with slices of Italian Salami and tangy pepperoni.  Every bite is succulent and I get to choose my own veggies and toppings ....yummy ! I can choose from their wide selection of sandwich thinking of it makes me hungry.  I will never miss it whenever I am in KL Sentral waiting for my train back to Ipoh.   And WB's favorite is Subway Melt....consists of sliced turkey breast , ham and bacon and tasty melted cheese garnished with his favorites choice of veggies and toppings.

Subway Melts

Pizza Sub With Cheese

There are  41,813  Subway Restaurants in 106 countries.   We have no worries when we start our travelling around when our retirement day comes....every where will have a Subway in their countries :) and we won't miss our local food then since our favorites can be eaten in anywhere in the world.  It is nutritious and healthy food and suit all ages.   This is happy news for me when I check through the website and learn more about what they have to offered.

Whenever you are near a Subway, dont forget to drop into their restaurant and try out
the lastest offer and sandwiches....sure to delight the old and the young !

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