Saturday, May 3, 2014

I Will Spend More Time In The Garden When I Retires :)

Many people asked me how I am going to spend my retirement days. Oh there are lots of things to do. The first thing on the list is to make good some parts of the house...the garden especially and clearing off junks from the house.  30 years of keeping and hoarding stuff that are no longer in use.  My store room is full of junks .WB likes to hoard all his IT stuff even though they are  no longer functionable :( and the next project is to do up the garden. I would love to have a low garden round decorative table with a glass top and two outdoor sofa cushions so that we both can enjoy our breakfast and do some reading in the garden breathing in the fresh air and spending time gazing at the hibiscus plants that will be blooming throughout the year .  I can't wait for retirement day to come.  Lots of things to do and enjoy. Travelling will be the next thing to do.  I have bookmarked a few places to visit and Jeju do Island will be the first place that I would love to visit.  Well, I can plan all I want but it still depends on my health.  So for now, taking care of my diet is the most important thing on the agenda to retirement.

Being able to do a proper schedule exercise like brisk walking is also in the list of do after retirement. This would help when I go travelling. I will have to walk a lot then LOL! and these exercise will strengthen my leg muscle.

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