Thursday, May 1, 2014

Getting WB A New Timepiece :)

WB 's timepiece has been with him for almost 35 years and it is now slowing down.  It is not reading accurately.  It is not the battery fault. He just changed the battery and yet it is still showing ten minutes late. I am thinking of getting a new one for him . I know he likes a big face one with the old fashioned hands.  What can I do with his old timepiece ?  I surfed the net and found a place where I can sell his timepiece for a good price. It is in LA and how do I go about it.  Well, first step, go online here at and fill up their online form and wait for their experts to return our inquiry with a free preliminary quote . Step two,  request for a secure easy ship box + shipping instructions for risk free fully insured delivery. Step Three...wait for a final quote and upon receipt of our timepiece, photowritst will inspect the timepiece and confirm it's condition and price on the spot. And payment will be immediate , either by Fast Cash, Bank Wire or Check. Wow, it is so simple.  And do not worry if our timepiece is not working. It still have value.  Photowrist has their own certified watchmakers on site who can repair any used watches.   Bingo, this is what I am looking for.  I can trade in WB's timepiece and with the cash in hand , I will get him a new one ! :)


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