Thursday, May 8, 2014

Experience A Home Dinner With Locals :)

Discover and learn new recipes while enjoying a home dinner with locals 

I love discovering new recipes, which I often do while talking to fellow foodies. Of course, online I speak to many other food lovers, but how great would it be to meet them face-to-face? I am very excited when I found this new peer-to-peer marketplace, called Withlocals, which offers this opportunity. They connect locals from Southeast Asian countries with travel- and food lovers from all over the world.

On the website, you can book a home-dinner directly with a local of the country you are traveling to. A different culture to me, means new recipes and cooking secrets! This way, you  discover the real local food while enjoying a nice time with another foodie. They will welcome you into their own home and kitchen, so you can also have a peek into the preparing process.

On your next travel to Southeast Asia, choose your favorite home-dinner from the website and discover the country and the food like a local J.   Foodies who live in one of the country’s Withlocals has launched in (Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Indonesia), can host home-dinners themselves! With preparing your favorite dishes, meeting new friends, and discovering new cooking secrets, you can earn some extra cash! Like this opportunity? You just have to register on the website, write a description of the dish(es) you offer, and that’s it! Welcome the travelers to your home and prepare yourself for meeting new foodie friends.

I know for example how to prepare a few Thai dishes myself, which I really like, but I would also love to learn some Sri Lankan dishes. I found some really nice home-dinners on the website. What do you think of this traditional Sri Lankan home dinner or this delicious-looking Northern Sri Lankan cuisine

Northern Sri Lankan Cuisine

Traditional Sri Lankan home dinner.....yummy!

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