Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Diet And Regular Workout :)

I am putting on weight  ( tucking in all the yummy food that I cooked of late ) and if I am not careful I will grow sideway faster than I can workout the calories. I will be going for my workout exercise at the park . They have the gym workout bars suitable for me.  I need to do stretching for my arm besides burning off the calories in me. I just realise that I need to get some sports bras for myself.  And my other colleague who is going with me for the workout needed some too.  She too has gained some weight and she too needs to loose weight for she more on the plump side.

She too is looking for the right support plus size sport bra .  I recommended her some good ones that I saw while surfing online.  From the no bounce series to the double paned Stretch Naturals sports bras. Infact they have many designs and the support bras comes in many colors.  There's a bra for every body.   I am happy that I finally found someone who shares the same passion like me.  Cook yummy food and workout at the park ! Love you sweetie pie :)

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