Friday, May 2, 2014

Arabian Dishes

Arabian Nights Made Easy

When it comes to recipes we tend to keep to something simple, a nice easy meal we can knock out for ourselves or our loved ones in a couple of minutes with as little effort as possible. And when it comes to homemade meals, variety is the spice of life and what’s more varied than a Middle Eastern meal. We’ve scoured the internet to find what we think are the two best, quick and most important, easy meals to make.


First of all we have the  Falafel, an iconic and incredibly popular dish in the Middle East is sold on street corners by Vendors in the same style as Hot Dogs are in America. Falafels are normally served in the form of a sandwichcrammed inside pita bread alongside tomatoes, sliced lettuce and occasionally tahini. Usually it’s accompanied by Humus or salad.

Relatively simple and easy to make:

1.Place Chickpeas in a bowl and pour in cold water, soak them over night and drain the following morning.

2.Put the Chickpeas in a pan and bring to the boil for five minutes, allow to simmer for an hour then drain again and cool for fifteen minutes.

3.Combine your chickpeas along with garlic, coriander or another assortment of vegetables and spices in a medium and then add flour.

4.Mash the resulting mix together and then form them into small, slightly flattened Ping-Pong ball shapes.

5.Fry these in oil at 350 degrees for five minutes, serve out and enjoy.

A nice little factoid, in Egypt there’s now a McDonald’s branch that serves their own version of the Falafel, the McFalafel. This is a great sign that western culture is starting to spread to the Middle East, especially after the turmoil brought about from the ‘Arab Spring’.

In Egypt now there are even Arab casinos available to play at as well as, strangest of all, online casino sites. For example, this site has a few Arabic casinos on its list that you should probably try out, even if it’s just out of curiosity.

Next up is the iconic kebab.

Shish Taouk

A tasty chicken kebab, this simple meal involves just marinating your chicken and then combining it with a variety of vegetables or other meat if you prefer on a kebab skewer.

1.Allow your chicken to marinate overnight in a covered dish in your refrigerator. 

2. Collect and cut up your chosen vegetables, these can be anything you like, but for the sake of the recipe we’re sticking with peppers and tomatoes.

3. Remove your now marinated chicken from dish and place roughly about five individual pieces of chicken on each skewer interspaced with pieces of vegetable.

4. Grill the skewers for fifteen minutes, serve alongside any dips or side dishes and enjoy.

You can serve your kebabs alongside any number of side dishes from chips, to various dips and even a nice selection of rice. Using these simple recipes you’ll find yourself having an Arabian adventure in no time.

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