Monday, April 21, 2014

Wedding Event And WB Is The MC :)

WB is appointed as MC for my nephew's wedding this May 10th. And he is excited and I can see him preparing his speech and event for the wedding every night. He will edit and edit the whole night. LOL!, even with his own daughter's  ROM , I don't think he exuded this feeling of excitement as he is having now. And he keep asking about his attire that he will be wearing on that night....gosh he can be vain at times!  So , I told him that I will get ready his suit and tuxedo and ties for him.  Assuring him every now and then that he need not worry a thing about his dressing for that night. I  told him that I have ordered his tuxedo from and it will be arriving soon.

I am sure his tuxedo will arrive in time for the wedding and I told him that he should not outshine the groom on that night :)  Gosh * shaking my head *  he is so VAIN !

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