Friday, April 4, 2014

Solution For Hair Loss

I should have taken good care of my hair when I was young.  Who bothers when they are young so I was one of them and today I realized that I should have taken good hair of my scalp and hair. Eating a healthy diet and popping in multivitamin should be steps taken when younger but now in my mid fifties, this step would not take any effects.  My hair line is getting wider and hair getting thinner. Oh well, nothing can be done except to apply tonic to my scalp daily.  And hopefully this treatment will help to maintain the hair growth and helps prevent hair drop.  My Piggies told me not to worry so much as there is such a thing as wigs.  They even asked me to purchase one for fashion sake and to get used to wearing one as it would boost my image . Fashion wigs will are trendy today as compared to two decades ago.  They come in different styles and color tones. Out of curiosity, I checked out their website and to my delight , I found that the wigs are fashionable and they are some with short hair cuts.  Just click here for wigs if you are looking for one yourself :)

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