Thursday, April 17, 2014

Retirement And Having A Pet Cat ?

WB is thinking of having a pet cat at home.  I told him I want to travel and I do not wish to have another pet at home :( but he can be quite the stubborn Wild Boar at times.  I told him , he needs to spend a lot on the cat if he intends to take in one.  He is thinking of adopting one from the RSPC Ipoh.   Well, of course he is doing something heroic by adopting the cat from the RSPC but we will have to incur extra expenses when we travel.  Not to mention the supplements and food to be given to the cat and what about our two doggies at home.  For the cat, we need cat shampoo, cat food and to even get kidney medication for the cat when the cat needs it.  To keep the cat healthy is important and my two doggies are getting the best attention ever. My dogs are fed supplements too and it is not a joke at all. It is like feeding two kids :)  

But if WB is keen to adopt, well , I will not object as I will be retiring in another 8 months. I don't mind if he takes care of the cat himself and I will take care of the doggies. Infact , I love dogs more than cat :p  But I truly hope he will change his mind by then and just keep to having two doggies!

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