Thursday, April 17, 2014

Office Sports Day

Our office will be having their sports event in May and the office staff are busy preparing for the event. I am in charge of getting the sports tees for the women netball team.  Every year it will be the same tee-shirts but for this once, I am going to get the best design for them as this will be my last official duty as I will be retiring in 8 months time :)  I want to give my girls the best tees-shirts for them to remember me, LOL! just kidding. This year we have a bit more allocations for getting the shirts so I am going to scout for the best for them.  

I will be having a discussion with my head of department and our netball girls next friday to decide on the color and design for the team. I am sure with the new tees shirts, my girls will do well in the competition :)

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