Sunday, April 27, 2014

Mother's Day Gift To My Piggies

When I saw this quote on facebook, I knew I had to send this short quote to my Piggies . To let them know how much I love them :)  This verse would be my Mother's Day gift to them.  I know my Piggies love me very much and they wish they could do more for me .  A call from them would be suffice for me and they do not need to do anything more than a call everyday is more than sufficient :)

I do not know why people have to plan to take their mother out to dinner and buy gifts only on Mother's Day.  To me everyday is mother's day LOL!  Some children would want to splash generously on Mother's Day to buy jewelry for their beloved mother.  If you are that child who wish to pamper your mother with a jewelry gift , you can check out here on  .  Lots of beautiful pieces of jewelry you can choose from.  To my Piggies, send your love to me everyday with a call. Your voices are all I need for the time being :)  Love you Piggies oink oink !

Enjoy and spend more quality time with your mother!

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