Friday, April 25, 2014

DSLR Nikon D5000...Should I ?

It is high time to think of getting a DSLR Nikon D5000.  That is when I retire in 8 months time :) Time to learn to move on to using a DSLR camera ! That was what my Piggy Josh was telling me on his trip back last January . Well, I have been dwelling on it since and the more I think of it , the more I want to take it up, the challenge I mean :p  .  He told me that I should improve myself as years go by and move out of my comfort zone.  I am comfortable using my old camera which is a Canon and the thought of changing to a DSLR Nikon...well it is indeed a challenge he has put to me.

After my retirement, I will be travelling more than now, thus having a DSLR is good idea.  And the nikon d5000 charger is good for travellers.  The Nikon D5000 digital camera travel battery charger will be great for me . It is convenient to take along wherever I am going and it includes universal 110-240 volt AC battery charger, 12 volt car adapter and European adapter plug.  With this features, I will definitely get this model.  I have no worry about charging the camera then especially being a foodie, food photos are important as I travel away :)

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