Thursday, March 20, 2014

Two Pianos At Home !

When my kids were young, I bought them a piano. Sent them for music classes and spent most of our wages for their music classes , private tuition and art classes. Today, they are both girl is pursuing her PhD and the younger is already working.  When my boy was in his final year before going to UK, he bought a digital piano so that he could play them when he needs relaxation. When he was out college, he sent the digital piano back home and today, I have two piano at home !  Our duty as providers are over and now WB and myself are looking forward to our retirement :)  When I was on MC for 4 months last year , I looked around the house and  I asked myself  what are we going to do with two pianos at home . I can't play the piano neither can WB ! LOL!   

1 comment:

  1. Maybe you could get some teach yourself piano books for adults and try it to see if you're interested in learning to play the piano. Learn at your own free time, no stress, no exams just enjoy learning to make music.


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