Thursday, March 27, 2014

Spring - Wedding Season :)

Spring is in and flowers are blooming everywhere....the scent of spring and flowers reminds me of weddings. I don't know why but I do have many weddings dinner to attend this spring season...local  and overseas friends' children are getting married this spring :)

My former classmate's daughter who works in Michigan  is getting married next month to an engineering consultant and she will have two weddings.  The church wedding will be held in Michigan and another tradition chinese wedding to be held in Singapore.  I will attend the ceremony in Singapore which is nearer to where I am staying instead of flying to Michigan :)  

My classmate doesn't need to worry much on the preparation as the couple have assigned a wedding planner to organize their wedding ceremony for them.  The wedding planner has discussed with the couple the wedding venues in Grand Rapids Michigan and the costs of  the wedding packages in Grand Rapids Michigan.  The couple were pleased with the venue and the cost of the ceremony , but they requested to have a look at the ballrooms in Grand Rapids Michigan .  They are inviting a guests of 1000 people and they want to make sure the ballroom is big enough for their guests :)

My classmate is happy that she does not need to organise the event for her daughter. Everything is planned and all she has to do is to present herself at the venue and play her role as the happy mother in law !  

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